Q) Do you make your own ice cream?

A) No, as much as we would love to live on a dairy farm and have cows in our garden, it is just not possible- It’s best we leave it to the experts. We source our amazing ice cream from Marshfield’s dairy farm. Everything is made on the farm with all additional ingredients sourced locally.

Q) Can the carts go indoors?

A) Yes, we designed the ice cream carts for this very reason. We love how versatile they are. All we need is a door wider than 1m and disabled access.

Q) Do you need power?

Yes, we need a plug socket for a standard 13amp plug. We can provide a generator at an additional fee.

Q) What if it rains?

A) Don’t worry, all our staff are fully trained with a ‘plan B’ option and they will quickly re-position the cart.

Q) Can you provide for those with allergies?

A) Yes, we are nut-free business and so is the dairy farm. We can cater for vegans, dairy free and gluten free allergies, with a wide range of ice creams, plant based ice creams and sorbets. We have a hygiene rating 5.

Q) How do you transport the carts?

A) We have a large luton-van with a tail-lift. Please ensure there is a big enough parking space for the van and there is not any height restrictions.

Q) How long have you been established?

A) Since January 2016 (6 years+)

Q) What area do you cover?

A) The South East; Berskshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire. We offer 30 miles FREE of charge from RG30. Each mile after this is an additional 80p

Q) When do I have to choose what time to book you?

A) We will email you to finalise the details 4-6 weeks before the event. We pride ourselves on how flexible we are. This means you can put everything in place first, before deciding on the best time for the ice cream cart. We will only do one cart per booking.

Q) How many ice cream flavours can I choose?

A) The bronze package is 3 ice cream flavours. The silver package is 4 ice cream flavours. The gold package is 6 ice cream flavours

Q) Do you cater for corporate?

A. Yes, we can offer a platinum package for those with bigger guest numbers. We have catered for many big companies such as; Microsoft, John Lewis, Johnson & Johson Ltd, Willmott construction, Spire, Pepsico, De Vere Wokefield Estate, The Ecotone.

Q) Can I have tubs and cones?

A) The silver and gold packages are scooped ice creams with unlimited tubs and cones.

Q) Can I have more than one ice cream?

A) Of course! You can come up as many times as you like within the 2-hour service.

Q) Do you provide anything else?

A) Please have a look at our sister business; https://victoriaswafflesticks.co.uk/ for a great winter treat.